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Extreme winter weather conditions in Canada - Understanding weather.

Extreme weather conditions are being observed across the country.  These conditions affect the roads we drive in, weather is in the city or on the highway. We can be caught in different scenarios like, icy slippery or snow-covered roads, reduced visibility and extreme cold temperatures. We put together a list of weather conditions that can be observed during this winter. Understanding better the winter conditions can lead us to be better prepared when facing them, or when we have winter weather warning on our city. Blizzards: a blizzard is a severe snowstorm characterized by strong sustained winds of at least 35 mph (56 km/h) and lasting for a prolonged period of time—typically three hours or more. It is a very dangerous winter storm, where you will experience falling, blowing and drifting snow, with strong winds. This makes visibility less than one kilometer. Also temperatures can be -12 or lower. Ground blizzard: this conditions refers to a weather condition where

Canada’s top 10 weather stories 2017

We can find the top ten weather stories of 2017 in Canada on the Government of Canada website. There was rain, ice, fire and floods, this year was full of surprises on the weather. Take a look! 1. British Columbia’s longest and most destructive wildfire season In 2017, across the southern British Columbia (BC) interior, an extraordinary weather change occurred – the region’s wettest spring was followed by its driest summer ever. The result was the longest, most disastrous wildfire season in the province’s history. A growing snowpack and heavy rains in May kept BC wildfire staff busier helping with flood relief than firefighting. But excessive spring rains mixed with mild temperatures helped vegetation growth that quickly turned into kindling when a hot and dry start to summer didn’t let up. Occasionally, low pressure systems brought gusty, erratic winds, dry lightning and low humidity but no long, sustained soaking rains to quell the inevitable flames. Aggressive wildfires

Countdown... Top 20 BEST selling vehicles in Canada for 2017

For the first time ever in Canada, more than a million new vehicles were sold in the first half of 2017, reaching 1.04 million units by the summer (June 2017). Auto sales in Canada could be on track for a record two million vehicles by the time 2018 arrives, if the trend continues as the first half. We will show you the top selling cars in the countdown, we will reveal two per day! 20. FORD EDGE - With 10,719 units sold across the countr y According to, the Ford Edge is the one of the 20 best selling vehicles in Canada for 2017! "The 2017 Ford Edge is 5-star safety rated by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) – the U.S. Government’s highest overall safety rating –  and comes with the latest Ford tech you need to get the family to the rink safely. We’d venture to say that the only vehicle more ‘hockey’ is an actual Zamboni." For more info on FORD EDGE, click here 19. JEEP CHEROKEE – 11,196 units sold Annual sales of th

2016 vs 2017 - MOST GOOGLED!

By Ship My Ride We are sure you know by now… “It’s the most wonderful time of the year”… We are at year's end, and we are letting you know what were the things that were googled the most in Canada. and we will compare them to last year’s results. We will post a different category every day from now to December 31 st ! NEW STORIES 2016 – Most Googled   Donald Trump US Election     Zika Virus    Olympics    Fort McMurray Fire NEW STORIES 2017 – Most Googled       Hurricane Irma             Meghan Markle        Tom Petty             Ottawa Senators            North Korea What did you googled the most?

Winter Tires - What all Canadians should know about their winter tires!

by Ship My Ride Team We have been told time and time again that we need winter tires as soon as the temperatures drop and the lovely (sarcasm note here) winter conditions start to develop, like freezing rain, snow or ice on the road. But why do we have to make the switch to winter tires? Which tires are the best for my driving routine? How can I know? Well, our managers and drivers had some ideas, and we are sharing with you! What makes a winter tire a winter tire? As we all know, tires are made out of rubber, but winter tires are made are made with a rubber compound specifically designed and tested for cooler weather. The regular type of rubber used on non-winter tires will harden on cold weather and cause the vehicle to slide on icy roads. What symbols should I look for on my tires? The weather all across the country can be very different at the same point in time. The most common symbols on winter tires are a peaked mountain with a snow flake, and the readin

Truckers and Holidays: "Michelin recognizes those in transportation who make the holidays memorable"

by GREENVILLE, S.C. – For the third year in a row, Michelin North America is recognizing the people in the transportation industry who work “like busy elves” behind the scenes to make the holidays memorable. Michelin marks the season with its #KeepThanksMoving conversation in social and digital media and encourages people to share this appreciation via Facebook and Twitter. “Making the holidays memorable takes a lot of people, a lot of energy and a lot of miles to get the food, presents, packages and people to their destinations. Getting ready for the holidays is always a busy time, and so many transportation professionals are responsible for making the holidays special. Most of these people operate vehicles — and not sleighs — in order to get this important work done so that all of us can enjoy this festive time,” said Ralph Dimenna, chief operating officer for Michelin Americas Truck Tires division. “Our hats are off to their dedication.” Join Michelin in givin

Safe Winter Driving Tips by Ship My Ride's Team

by Ship My Ride Staff Winter is upon us. As Canadians we are used to the snow on our doorway, but what about driving through harsh winter conditions? He have done some research, and asked our drivers and staff about the best tips for driving on this winter weather . Here are the best advice we got from our staff, we consider all these tips to be i mportant and very useful : Don’t speed, take your time . Try to drive at the legal speed limit, but slow down when you see icy or snow covered roads. Leave room between your vehicle and the vehicle in front of you and the vehicles next to you. Do not use tail lights of a vehicle as a reference for distance . When snow starts falling, visibility is low. This means that if you are able to see the lights of the vehicle in front of you, you are probably to close.  Know your driving limits . Be able to recognize which weather conditions are too severe for your experience on driving. If you have to stop, STOP . It’s better to s

Ship My Ride Reports - CARPROOF launches product lab in Kitchener’s Communitech Hub

CARPROOF launches product lab in Kitchener’s Communitech Hub As further proof of its diversification, CARPROOF has opened its new Product Lab in Kitchener’s Communitech Hub. Calling itself Canada’s “definitive source of automotive information,” CARPROOF said its quest for innovation makes Communitech the perfect environment to house its continued evolution. The Communitech Hub currently supports a community of over 1,400 tech companies ranging from startups to large global corporations. It was founded in 1997 by a group of entrepreneurs committed to making Ontario’s Waterloo Region a global innovation leader. “Setting up the Product Lab gives us access to the world-class tech eco-system within Communitech,” says Greg Beckman, vice-president of product management at CARPROOF. “Being a part of this family brings invaluable opportunities to connect with new partners, networks and talent.” Beckman went on to say that CARPROOF’s continual growth provides incr
Porsche Canada has a new CEO! Porsche Cars Canada has named Marc Ouayoun as thei new CEO,  effective Jan. 1. He will be taking the leadership of Canadian operations amid a period of significant growth here for the luxury automaker. Ouayoun, 46, comes to Canada after working as the managing director of Porsche France. He succeeds Alexander Pollich, 50, who will assume a new role as managing director at Porsche Cars Great Britain after more than four years leading the organization in Canada. Under Pollich’s leadership, which began in September 2013, Porsche in Canada has posted 50 consecutive months of sales growth. Porsche also relocated and expanded its corporate headquarters, which includes its first training facility. In fact, Porsche has posted sales growth in 70 consecutive months in Canada. In 2016, Porsche sold an unprecedented 7,061 sports cars in Canada, up 10 per cent over the previous year. Through the first 10 months of 2017, Porsche sold 6,835 vehicles