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Brace yourself, Winter is Coming... Canada's Complete 2018 Winter Forecast Has Been Revealed.

Through some research, we found out that when it comes to the weather, most online sites have a hard time being accurate. But there is one website that predicts the winter weather almost perfectly right, and that site is the Old Farmer’s Almanac. So what are the foreseen weather temperatures for Southern British Columbia? Forecast for B.C.: Vancouver, Victoria, Abbotsford, Kelowna, Nanaimo Winter Temperatures: Near-normal temperatures. Coldest periods: Late December, early January, and late February. They seem to expect a later winter arrival. Precipitation: Above-normal. Get your gear ready! Snow: Above-normal. People in BC will have to be extremely careful when driving in these conditions. Snowiest Period: Snowiest periods in early to mid-January and late February. Late snow for them, that’s is great! Okay, but, what about The Praries? What's expected for Alberta: Calgary, Edmonton, Red Deer, Lethbridge, Medicine Hat Forecast for Manito

Jeep Fun Facts

As an auto transport company in Canada, we get to move some cool cars every month.  In today’s post we are going to talk about Jeep! We will share a couple fun facts about this amazing brand. Founded: 1943 trademark                 1945 first civilian Jeep launched Headquarters based in Toledo, Ohio, U.S. Owner: Fiat Chrysler Automobiles Parent: Willys-Overland (1943-1953)               Kaiser-Jeep (1953-1970)               American Motors Corporation (1970-1986)               Chrysler (1987-present) The original jeep was designed in just two days With the United States' involvement in WWII on the horizon, the government recognized a desperate need to replace its aging fleet of Model T's, calling for a small, lightweight, three seat, four wheel drive vehicle. Karl Probst started work on his design for a barely-solvent truck company called Bantam on July 17, 1940, and finished two days later. By the 22nd, the entire proposal—including cost estimat

Car Shipping For Auto Dealerships

We can help you move your dealer trades As the name implies, a dealer trade is an exchange of vehicles between two car dealerships. Dealer trades allow the dealership staff to transform their interested potential customers into a sale. This helps both the dealer and the customer, who came to them first, and this way the dealer won't lose the sale to another dealership that has the car the customer actually wants. Whether you own or work with an auto dealership for new/used cars, you know that SHIP MY RIDE is the one certified car shipping company to call when you need to move one, two or your whole fleet. Auto fleet management can be stressful if you give the job to the wrong auto shipping company, who likes monkey business after all?  This is why hundreds of car dealers trust us with their new vehicles, to transport them with care and quality service, also to deliver them and provide the best customer service experience. As the name implies, a dealer trade i

Door-To-Door Delivery Auto Transport in Canada

Some customers prefer to receive their vehicle at their door when shipping their car. We are a vehicle shipping company with many years in the car shipping industry. We know that our customers expect nothing less than professional and excellence in service, and we keep that in mind along all the car shipping process. We, not only understand, but we also commit to our highly appreciated customers requirements, preferences and needs. You don’t need to worry when you want to transport or ship your vehicle or car in Canada, you must know that SHIP MY RIDE as a certified car transport company carries $2,000,000 of auto shipping insurance.  This protects your car when it’s being shipped from province to province, city to city in all of Canada. Vehicle shipping services in Canada with ShipMyRide. Our main terminal is located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. But we can transport your ride (vehicles, car or trucks) in all of the provinces in Canada: British Columbia, Alberta,

Why should you ship your car?

REASONS TO SHIP YOUR RIDE IN CANADA SHIP MY RIDE is an auto transportation carrier company dedicated to make your car shipping easier. When it comes to move your ride from your current city or province to different one, you need to take into consideration the car shipping expenses that might be required to complete the process. Don't risk your vehicle's safety and yours! Expenses to consider if you drive your ride The first expense and the most considerable one is the gas, since it varies from province to province and from vehicle to vehicle; this might affect your budget in a considerable way.. As a second expense we consider the meals of the day which are at least 3, but also every time you stop for gas at a gas station there is a convenience store so adding a can of soda, chips and snacks increases your expenses. Hotels is the next expense that will affect your budget. It depends on what type of hotels you want to spend the night in, it is really important

Auto Transport, Car Carrier Vs Freight Broker In Canada

The first thing that we need to do before moving a vehicle in Canada is to evaluate the car carrier company that will move our vehicle. It is really important that they have the proper shipping and loading equipment and the transportation paperwork required to transport vehicles (Insurance, licenses, etc.) This is something that we need to ask for before delivering our vehicle to any car shipping company.  A certified car carrier is the one who has the vehicle on their control, therefore, they have the most reliable information when it comes to provide an update of the vehicle. It is the main source of information. When we talk about having specific routes we are telling you that we know where we are going, it is really important that the company in Canada that transports your vehicle knows the area since it will give you a better idea of the time it's going to take him to deliver the vehicle. SHIP MY RIDE is an auto carrier company based in Calgary, Canada, with their o

Auto Transport Tips For Car Shipping

Moving is not a simple process. Moving your vehicle may be a little bit of work, but not impossible. There are several tips that you should keep in mind once you have decided to ship your vehicle to a new city. Available moving budget Knowing your budget is really important when you look for a car carrier or an auto transportation company since prices may vary a lot. Keep in mind that car carrier companies charge in different ways, for example, per kilometer, per mile, per hour. It depends on the auto shipping company you are contacting. Use what you got for your benefit Now a days we have great set of tools, and a big deal of information in our hands, use it! On the Internet you can research car shipping companies in Canada from different places to ask for their auto shipping quotes, their services, and all their car shipping details you may want to know. Background search Most of the companies in Canada offer free auto transport quotes, some of them are instant