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Driving in the city, tips for a safe ride home

It doesn't matter what season it is, if you own a vehicle and drive within a city you know how stressful it can be, or how situations can turn dangerous in a blink of an eye.

Here are some tips and ideas that will help you be a safe driver and be secure when you are on the road.

Be calm when driving.

Before you get in your vehicle, make sure you are calm. If you drive when you are stressed, anxious, upset or emotional in any way, you can become a dangerous driver. When you are not calm or relaxed, you wont be as focused on the road as you should; remember driving a vehicle is a huge responsibility as you hold the safety of yourself., your passenger and other drivers on the road in your hands.

If you are emotional in any way, give yourself a few minutes before starting your drive. Breathe and try to put your thoughts on hold, so you can concentrate on the road ahead. 

Use technology for your advantage when driving.

Be aware of traffic waves, or rush hours. there is a great deal of technology at the tips of our fingers. use it wisely. Check for traffic jams, constructions, rush hour zones. This way you can plan your time and your route to avoid stressful situations or delays. 

If you are caught in a traffic jam, relax. Don't stress over being stuck for a few extra minutes,because, hey! being alone with yourself isn't that bad! Play some of your favourite music and enjoy the drive. 

Let other drivers know what your next move is.

While on the move, don't make sudden movements, use your turn signals properly and with enough time. Announced moves gives others drivers a chance to react.

Keep an eye on traffic lights. Move accordingly, remember yellow means slow down not speed up!

Road rage is not worth it. 

Don't get upset by other driver's errors, they might not know better, or it might have just been a simple mistake they made. Take a deep breathe and carry on to your destination.

We are all part of the driving community, and we can all contribute to make the roads better and safer.

Always keep your eyes open, learn traffic rules, apply them and don't rush.

It not all about the destination, enjoy the journey as well.

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